Image Change your inner world to change your outer world

Change your inner world to change your outer world

When Prem Rawat, declared that he would establish peace in the world, many questions might have been asked. The ambassador of peace is renowned for his messages of peace that he shares to people in the world in order to stop violence and lead people into harmony and unity.

The world we live in has been devastated by wars or conflicts; and peace organizations have launched several initiatives in order to keep peace. Even so, those endeavors could not have prevented conflicts from arising. In the news, it is still common to hear cases of wars or tensions which arise in some parts of the globe. Thus, how would it be possible to attain global harmony? How to change your inner world in order to change the outer world?

It is essential to find peace within

In his teachings, the peace mediator reiterates that peace is within each individual. Through his TPRF Foundation, he has developed electronic tablets with peace education applications to enhance peace among prisoners. In fact, his teachings support that it is essential to attain mind tranquility and really experience to live with it.

Inner peace cannot be attained through delicious meals and drinking. Besides, mind tranquility cannot be promoted by the outside world. Clearly, the peace mediator mentioned that inner tranquility will never be achieved by indulging in worldly pleasure including gambling, lusts or idling.

Inner tranquility can be attained through meditation

The first element to attain inner peace is through a specific meditation which is known as "Knowledge", as instructed by Prem Rawat in his teachings. In fact, by practicing peace, it is possible for us to change their inner world. Everything is based on love and humility. Love and humility comes from deep inside the heart.

With love, it is possible to attain inner peace because all acts are undertaken in order to do good to the others. “Knowledge” helps us discover their inner tranquility and enables them to become humble.

Inner peace leads to love

Personally developed individuals, who have attained inner peace, are characterized by their unfailing support for the others. They behave lovingly, showing their meekness and kindness to their surroundings. They are aware that without being fulfilled, it is impossible for the other individuals to achieve peace.

As a result, those who have minded tranquility are tolerant and understanding; they avoid judging or criticizing those who still persist in their natural human characteristics. Personally developed individuals act for love in order to maintain harmony because inner peace reigns inside their soul and heart.

Inner peace triggers world peace

Obviously, it is essential to teach one of us to attain inner peace. In other words, as the peace messenger said in his messages of peace, serenity is not meant to be given to the world.

However, each individual needs to live in serenity; it is essential that inner peace be discovered by each individual in the world. The main reason is that peace can eventually promote changes to the world into a peaceful haven.


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